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The town of Goble is small, the locals will tell you how small. On most days, if you ask the population of Goble, Lenny the bartender will count down the bar and tell you "You're looking at them".

My Husband and I (David & Betty) first heard of the Goble Tavern from a trip to Vernonia Days. On hearing of this cool little place that welcomed music and musicians alike; we couldn't resist making a stop.

Goble is located on State Highway 30 between St. Helens and Rainier, on your way from Portland to Astoria. Just a few yards off the Columbia River, there's only a small quantity of businesses; so you don't dare blink or you're likely to miss it.

We found on a sunny day, that the beer was cold and the folks quite warm and friendly...and that holds true to this day!

One new change with the renovation, the tavern is now Non-Smoking with smoking areas easily accessible. With the Oregon 's Smokefree Workplace Law going into affect in January, 2009.  It is worth getting used to it now and avoid having to make a transsision when that time comes.

Lenny, a full time bartender at The Goble Tavern and local resident, can be found on some evenings jamming along with the bands on his harmonica, and Jerry, the previous owner, can easily be talked into impromptu guitar circles.

There is a special quality of "Old Tavern" that lives in the tiny hamlet of Goble. Old guitars and memorabilia adorn the walls there with a lot of assistance from items that wander in from the local residents and the now closed Antique Shop next door. (Antique shoppers...don't let that stop you, there are many more shops to be found along Highway 30). All that is seen lends to the amazement and darting eyes of all customers.

Even those that frequent the Goble Tavern are constantly searching to see the new items to be viewed. This often spurring conversations; such as, ... "What the hell is that thing? ....A sprocket?" "...A gear?" ...A socket?" "I Give Up....Someone tell me! or..."LOOK...here comes Jerry...I don't care how big that door is...it ISN'T going to fit!"

After a few visits to Goble, we'd heard a rich array of stories and history of the old town of Goble and the Goble Tavern.

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Ye Old Goble Tavern

The Goble Tavern is now owned by Mike Avent and Meryl Head, and has a capacity of about 85 when a band is performing. They have carried on the tradition of decorating the tavern with music paraphernalia of all sorts, one-of-a kind gadgets, and select odds and ends that gives one the perspective of an antique dealer's party room (which isn't far from the truth).

Music is one of the many things that makes the Goble Tavern unique. The small bar offers an outdoor stage, originally created for Goble Warming and other events. Inside is a comfortable stage area with a variety of seating options. So relaxed, you feel like you have found a home away from home! All this and still enough room to kick up your shoes a little and dance.

With the renovation, the interior structure may look a bit different, but they did maintain a couple warbles in the floor for history sake!  You may have to explore the tavern a bit to spot them, but they are definitely still there.

The tavern serves as a meeting place for several hundred residents who live up in the hills, although the attraction of the legendary tavern draws people from all over the country.

To show this to be true, Willie Nelson was a teen-ager in the area surrounding Goble; his mother used to bartend at the tavern, and Hank Williams did a one-night stand there in the late '40s.

In other words, you can never tell who will show up at this continuing link in history. Please check our calendar for up coming music and events.

We view this as on ongoing project as well - to share the history of Goble and the Goble Tavern. Please feel free to contact us with any stories, photos, or just to say hi!

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