GOBLE WARMING - 2010 -  Another Successful Year!

Thanks to all of those that had the opportunity to participate and attend Goble Warming 2010!

As Always, and EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to those that worked so hard to make sure that everything came together,  providing  a fun time for one and all.  That, of course, includes (but not limited to) the Goble Tavern crew, ALL Musicians, and the owners (providing the space for this Annual event).

The following are the pictures that we have received  so far, from this years Warming.  Feel welcome to copy, print, and share them with yoru friends, but please provide credit to the photographers.

First, are some great photos thanks to "Pink Salmon Cakes".  Thank so much for  performing and offering pics  up for everyone to enjoy.
Also, Thank You, Miz Mary for  sharing the pictures taken while she supervised the sound system with Guy Live. Thanks  again, to Guy Live, for  keeping the sound and stage in order
For those that missed this years event; we hope you have the opportunity to join us next year; or any time you are in the area!

Betty Weinberg
Web Designer

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